A fix for the HVAC pipes at the Piatt County Nursing Home will cost less than expected.

Nursing Home Administrator Scott Porter told the county board nursing home committee on June 18 that Reliable Mechanical will replace 16 expansion joints for just under $10,000.

Porter initially thought all 40 joints would need to be replaced.

Only being eight (pairs of joints), that’s why we’re seeing such a smaller number, and obviously I’m delighted how lucky we are going to get to fix our problem,” said Porter.

Since the entire air conditioning and heating conditioning system will need to be offline for the work to be completed, he said the job will likely be done in the fall.

The complicated part of this project is that the system for both air and heat – they use the same water system – will be off. So you have to find a period of comfort for the residents to keep the temperature in the building within parameters to fix it,” said Porter.

So they are going to bring in four teams to tackle all of the joints together,” he added, noting the contractor should be able to replace the joints in a day.



Phase Four

Porter was asked what Phase Four would mean for the nursing home, which has been closed to visitors since early March.

He noted that “those phases don’t apply to us” since they are issued by the governor, and nursing home guidelines come from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

He said the nursing home is essentially in Phase One, which means it is basically closed to visitors. Porter did say that the facility may soon allow outdoor visits without screens.

The nursing home currently has 80 residents, and is one of the only ones in the area still taking new admissions, who are quarantined for two weeks upon arrival.

Nursing Home Financial Manager Stephanie Berkey gave an update on the state Medicaid audit. For the period including July 1,2017 through Dec. 21, 2018, the state initial found it paid $233,000 more than the nursing home was owed in reimbursements during that time span.

Berkey said the facility has provided proof that the number is closer to $22,000 and is awaiting the state’s response to the rebuttal.