Texas storm

Dallas, Texas residents Bill and Donna Pike — formerly of Monticello — saw Central Illinois-like conditions last week with cold temperatures and large amount of snowfall.

DALLAS, TEXAS — Former Monticello resident Bill Pike is one of millions in Texas to experience one of the Lone Star State’s worst winter storms in decades, resulting in power outages and single digit temperatures.

“It will soon be 50 years that Donna and I have lived in our Dallas home – never anything close to this,” said Pike, who added they not only spent most of their daytime hours in front of a fireplace, but that “we slept next to it.”

Their pool is programmed to turn on a heater when the temperature drops close to freezing, but when the couple lost power for eight hours it iced over.

“We are doing fine, and the ice and snow will all be melted by tomorrow (Saturday) night,” he added, noting their power cycled on and off often last week.

“When the power would come on Donna would run into the kitchen and fix a hot meal,” Pike said. He hopes to have a plumber out to inspect their pipes sometime this week to make sure all is well at their Dallas home.

“I won’t tease anyone up north about the weather anymore,” added the former Piatt County resident.

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