Kirby Medical Center has announced a partnership with Senior Life Solutions. Senior Life Solutions will be located in the new medical office building across from the hospital at #2 Sage Crossing Blvd, Suite B.

Kirby Medical Center’s Senior Life Solutions is an intensive outpatient group therapy program designed to meet the unique needs of older adults typically ages 65 and over struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety, stress from age-related health concerns, or difficult life transitions such as the loss of a loved one.

Individuals may benefit from the Senior Life Solutions program if they are experiencing any of the following common indicators or triggers of depression and anxiety:

Recently experienced a traumatic event

Lost a spouse or close family member

Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities

Changes in appetite

Difficulty sleeping

Loss of energy

Feelings of sadness or grief lasting more than two weeks

Feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness

Following an individual assessment, patients meet up to three times per week in a supportive, encouraging group setting. The program staff includes a board-certified psychiatrist, licensed social workers, a registered nurse, and other healthcare professionals dedicated to the emotional well-being of the seniors in our community.

We are very proud to offer this service to the community,” says Kirby Medical Center CEO Steve Tenhouse, “It meets one of our big goals of offering care not only for the body, but also for the mind and soul.”

Referrals to the program can be made by anyone, including a patient’s physician, family member, the patient themself, or another healthcare professional.

For more information, call the Kirby Medical Center’s Senior Life Solutions program 217-817-8525.

About Senior Life Solutions

Founded in 2003, Senior Life Solutions is managed by Psychiatric Medical Care (PMC), a leading behavioral healthcare management company. Focused on addressing the needs of rural and underserved communities, PMC manages inpatient behavioral health units, intensive outpatient programs, and telehealth services in more than 20 states. The company’s services provide evaluation and treatment for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, mood disorders, memory problems, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other behavioral health problems. For more information, visit