Tenhouse Hall of Fame

Pictured here are Debbie Ritchie, president of Huron’s Studor Group, Kirby Medical Center CEO Steve Tenhouse, and Rob Murphy of the Huron Studor Group.

Global professional services firm Huron announced recently that Kirby Medical Center CEO Steve Tenhouse has been inducted into the 2019 Fire Starter Hall of Fame.

Also inducted were Tom Bowman, CEO of Community Health Care in Davenport, Iowa; Scott Catnley, CEO of Memorial Health System in Marietta, Ohio; and Marc LeBoutillier, Director General and CEO of General de Hawkesbury et District in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada.

“These dedicated individuals are transforming the healthcare industry,” said Ritchie. “They continue to position their organizations for performance excellence, and we congratulate them on this honor.”

The honorees were inducted into the Fire Starter Hall of Fame at the 17th annual What’s Right in Health Care® conference, Aug. 13-15 in Dallas, Texas. The Fire Starter Hall of Fame recognizes leaders that make an impact on their organizations by navigating challenging environments and identifying innovative solutions to thrive now and in the future. More than 60 healthcare leaders have been inducted into the Fire Starter Hall of Fame since 2004.

Mike Raasch also received the 2019 Quint Studer Difference Maker Award.

Mr. Raasch, a maintenance mechanic from the Pender Community Hospital District, was recognized as a difference maker for his positive impact in ensuring Pender Community Hospital District patients and staff have a clean and safe environment to receive and provide care.

“Mike exemplifies what it means to be a frontline difference maker,” said Debbie Ritchie, president of Huron’s Studer Group business. “He continues to selflessly prioritize patient and staff needs so the Pender Community Hospital District can provide patients with the best possible care. I congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition.”

The Quint Studer Difference Maker Award honors individuals that embody the personal and professional values that are making a difference in the healthcare industry. Individuals from across the industry were encouraged to nominate a peer or colleague at any level and in any department of their healthcare organization.

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