MONTICELLO – City officials say they will address issues with residents reporting discolored water.

Doug LeCrone, a resident on County Farm Road, told the city council last week that three properties in that area have discolored water.

“We have taken the brunt of really awful water for the past several years,” he said.

LeCrone said he is constantly changing filters because it is the only way the family can keep clothes clean.

LeCrone added that he has worked with Water Department Leadman Scott Bailey, but so far, they have been unable to find any answers.

“Anytime the ground is saturated, we have water quality issues,” he said. “Anytime it rains, we have water quality issues. If it is frozen or dry, our filters last a month and they cost $15 each. These last two weeks, I have replaced six filters and I even upgraded to the $30 filters. I am doing everything possible.”

When heavy rains came at the end of February, even changing filters wouldn’t solve the problem.

“Last week, when we had the rain, at 5 p.m., our water was perfectly fine, but by 5:30 p.m., it was so dirty, our kids wouldn’t even take a bath,” he added. “I don’t want to say it is unsafe, but it sure looks like it is unsafe.”

LeCrone said samples have been taken and Bailey and the water department have been helpful and cooperative.

“But I can’t filter it out anymore,” he said. “We’re paying for water and we are getting worse than well water and something weird is going on and I just ask the city to do more investigating. Everybody is listening, but it seems like we take one step forward and two steps backward. My gut feeling is that the problem lies in that area near Bridge Street.”

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Help promised

City officials, including City Administrator Terry Summers promised assistance.

“Scott (Bailey) has been working on this very diligently, for a while now,” he said. “If we have something to bring to the council as an expenditure to fix this, we will definitely do that.”

Council members agreed to spend money to fix the problem.

“It seems to be worse in the County Farm Road area,” said Ward 4 Alderman Michael Koon, who encouraged LeCrone to speak to the council about the issue. “I think it behooves us as a city to spend money, whatever it takes, because if you don’t have clean water, that’s not right. We’re working on it and I think everybody realizes that. But we need to step up and do whatever it takes and be dedicated to make it right. It’s an escalating issue and clean water is a service the city needs to provide.”

Ward 2 Alderman Wendall Brock also promised help.

“It is a problem and we will fix it,” Brock said.

Summers said he, Bailey and others will be meeting with engineers to discuss the possible solutions.

Police Chief Rob Bross reported that his first couple of weeks on the job have been positive. He was encouraged with a recent meeting of the staff and thanked the council for the support he has received so far.