MONTICELLO - Augmedix, a leading provider of automated medical documentation solutions, has partnered with Kirby Medical Center to positively impact the community and providers by implementing automated medical documentation and live clinical support with Augmedix.

“Augmedix’s medical documentation service is helping to transform the patient experience during visits at Kirby Medical Group,” said Ryan Hastings, assistant clinic director of Kirby Medical Center.

“We are confident Augmedix’s service will enrich the encounters patients have with their providers while also promoting a positive work-life balance and job satisfaction for our physicians by allowing them to focus on connecting with the patient instead of taking notes.”

Augmedix believes that the partnership with Kirby Medical Center brings benefits to providers and patients alike:

Providers can see and hear the patient without interruption from technology or documentation, enabling physicians and patients to have a more human connection at the point of care.

With less time spent doing medical documentation, more time is available to the providers to increase patient volume, meeting the growing demand for primary care services.

Providers experience increased satisfaction in the care they provide, and naturally patients benefit from happier, more focused providers. This creates a better experience for the patient while increasing provider retention and opportunities for recruitment and enhancing provider recruitment initiatives.

“We are truly excited about Kirby Medical Center’s forward-thinking approach to proactively give physicians more time to focus on patient care,” says Manny Krakaris, chief executive officer at Augmedix. “We take pride in significantly reducing documentation burden while simultaneously enhancing providers’ job satisfaction and productivity, removing barriers that create physician burnout.”

“Augmedix is a great advantage and I enjoy using the service,” says Dr. Lauren Fore, family medicine physician at Kirby Medical Center. “It has cut down significantly on the amount of time I spent preparing my charts and documenting while talking with patients.”

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