MONTICELLO – Monticello Police Chief John Carter and Fire Chief John Rupkey have released their monthly reports for May 2022. The building permits for the month have also been released.

The police department reported 24 criminal offenses, up five from last year and an increase of four from last month.

There were three follow-up investigations. There was one a year ago and 11 in April 2022.

In May 2022, the department handled 20 calls from 911, doubled the amount from last year, but down four from last month.

The department handed out one written warning, the same as last month. There were none a year ago.

Monticello Police gave 27 verbal warning, an increase of 25 from last year, but down 11 from last month.

Twenty-eight traffic tickets were written last month, an increase of two from April 2022, but an increase from last year when only one was written.

The department handled 22 public service details, an increase of four from last month and up 12 from a year ago.

There were no calls to assist other law enforcement. There was one last month and none a year ago.

Five accident reports were written. There were 10 in April 2022 and three in May 2021.

The department assisted the Monticello Fire Department three times. Last year, there was one such call. Last month, there were two.

There were eight calls to assist the ambulance. Last year, there were three. Last month, there were 11.

There were 42 downtown foot patrols performed. That is an increase of six from last month and down eight from a year ago.

There were fewer vacation checks in May 2022. The department had 50 checks on residents who were away from their homes. Last month, there were 200 and there were 126 a year ago.

Ordinance violations were on the rise. In May 2022, 46 violations were handed out, which is 31 more than last month. Last year, only eight were written.

Of the 46 ordinance violations, 37 were for nuisance greenery. There were two each for tall grass/garbage/junk; watercourse; dangerous shrubs; and inoperable vehicles. There was one noise complaint violation written.

Fire Department

Fire Chief John Rupkey has released his monthly report for May 2022.

The department handled 19 medical calls during the month, up four from a month ago.

There were five calls due to fire alarms. Last month, there were three.

There was one call for a smoke scare/alarm. In April there were two.

There were no calls for spills or leaks and one call for a carbon monoxide detector. It was the third of the year.

The department answered three calls for lift assist and one for mutual aid. There were no calls for vehicle crashes during the month.

There were two calls for electrical wire issues during the month, the same amount as April.

There were no structure fires in May. There has been only one this year and that was in February.

There were no calls for appliance fires. The only one this year was in March.

There were no vehicle or brush fires reported.

There were two calls for rescue and recovery.

Weather spotters have not yet been called out this year.

Building Permits

MONTICELLO - Listed are permits for all new single-family and multi-family residences as well as commercial and industrial work and residential remodeling costing over $5,000.

Permits are listed by applicant, description, site and cost.

- TK Homes of Illinois, LLC, new home construction at 9 Connor Ct., $340,000.

- TK Homes of Illinois, LLC, new home construction at 5 Connor Ct., $340,000.

- TK Homes of Illinois, LLC, new home construction at 3 Connor Ct., $330,000.

- Jenny Carroll and Jon Bobell, addition at 8 Oakview Dr., $150,000.

- Tom Gilbert, fence at 916 N. State, $13,868.

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