A miniature golf course could added to Monticello offerings at a location just west of the courthouse square. Monticello planning and zoning board members on July 20 endorsed an amendment for a conditional use permit for Jerry Sample, the owner of commercial property at 450 W. Main St., where he has operated Shorin-Ryu dojo Academy since 2013.

The city council gave final approval to the amendment on July 27.

Sample plans to put in a nine-hole miniature golf course in a little-used parking lot on his property.

“I’d just like to have something for the kids to do outside, and the parking lot is not being used, so want to put it to good use,” said Sample.

Parking will be available on the street when needed, as well as a municipal lot to the east.

He was also asked if there will be themed holes, such as water features or windmills.

“Gotta have a windmill,” quipped PZB Chairman Mike Hawkins.

Sample responded that there will be a small pond, a traditional windmill, and Illini- and Sage-themed holes.

Kirby sign approved

The PZB also approved an 8 foot, 3 inch high sign for the Sage Woods Subdivision on the Kirby Medical Center campus. A variance is needed in order to top 4 feet high in a subdivision. The sign will be on Medical Center Drive and have a similar theme as other Kirby markers.