MONTICELLO — Monticello police are looking for two men who robbed a Casey's store at 301 S. Market Street in Monticello shortly before 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Police Chief John Carter said it was a quick hit in which money and cigarettes were stolen, as well as cell phones and wallets of two employees.

“They were in the store less than one minute,” Carter said.

They fled on foot, down an alley and east on Marion Street. Police know that because one of the cell phones was tracked by a family member and found discarded a few blocks away. One of the wallets was also left behind and found later.

Carter is not sure whether the getaway was completely on foot, or if a car was stashed nearby.

The robbery began when the two men — described as black males in their late 20s or early 30s, wearing blue and black hooded sweatshirts, masks and gloves — entered the store. One brandished a gun and demanded cash. The other stood by.

One of the suspects is estimated to be 5'4” in height, the other 5'8”.

When another employee emerged from the kitchen, the robber demanded his cell phone and wallet. Carter said that worker seemed to position himself so that the suspects could not see a third employee in the kitchen.

A robbery of a Casey's in Urbana was also reported earlier on Wednesday, said Carter, but police do not know if it is connected to the Monticello one.

It is the first armed robbery in Monticello since a Subway Sandwich shop was robbed in March of 2014. A suspect was apprehended and convicted for that crime.

Anyone with information on the Casey's robbery should call the Monticello Police Department at 217-762-7727 or 217-762-5761.

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