Monticello High School students will be performing their fall play “Class Dismissed” in the auditorium, at 7 p.m. on November 12 and 13.

Centered around Central High School, the play follows English teacher Mr. Banks as he struggles to relate to his students, as well as his own wife.

“It’s certainly one of the more serious plays we’ve done,” said Jonathan Hettinger, a senior at Monticello High School, who plays Mr. Banks.

This is Hettinger’s first time in the main role. In fact, for all of the students in this play, it’s their first drama. It’s also the first time four out of the six students in lead roles play major parts.

“It’s nice having a major role,” said Tim Young, a senior who plays the class clown, Bobby, “I hate being bored, and with a major role I always have something to do.”

Young admits, playing a drama is harder, but he said he thinks his classmates will enjoy it more.

Hettinger, Young, and other students have been coming to practice after school for several weeks now, and by the the time of the performance, expect to each have put in about 58 hours total.

During the after school practice, some of these students are on stage practicing their lines, and using their own textbooks as props. Others are off or behind stage, making it all fit together.

Allison Seija, a junior at Monticello, is also student director for the first time.

“I try to look at [the play] through the eyes of the audience, and see what they would like,” Seija said.

Seija, as well as the cast and crew, believe that all their hard work will pay off for an enjoyable evening for students and adults alike.

This article is written by Monticello High School student Quinn Koeneman.