While almost every American can’t wait to get the vaccine and resign the coronavirus to the pages of future history books, it’s likely that many of us are also eager to part with certain pandemic-related words and phrases – hopefully never to be uttered again.

Whereas this time last year, many of these terms were rarely used in everyday conversation across America, it now feels as though every aspect of our lives is flooded with them. From work chats, social media, newspapers and magazines, to the new season of Grey’s Anatomy, which is set in the midst of the pandemic.

However, language constantly evolves and how we talk and communicate has changed significantly over the past year. Indeed, these linguistic changes have been so profound that Merriam-Webster named ‘pandemic’ as its word of the year in 2020.

A poll by PRPioneer.com, a website which provides public relations and communications resources, of 3,700 (ages 18+) people revealed that ‘flattening the curve’ is officially Illinois’ most detested phrase to emerge as a result of the pandemic.

Top 5 pandemic-related phrases detested by Illinoisans are:

1. Flattening the curve

2. Outbreak

3. Second wave

4. Unprecedented

5. Bubble

Other ‘detested’ phrases in the pool included:

–Herd immunity

–‘Coronacation’ – a unique stay-cation

–‘Blursday’ – this can be any day of the week that feels exactly the same as the one(s) before.

The top 20 most detested pandemic-related phrases nationwide were:

Outbreak, bubble, flattening the curve, second wave, the rona, unprecedented, antivaxxers, hered immunity, the new normal, super spreader, lockdown, self quarantine, Covidiot, Blursday, quaranteam, contact tracing, asymptomatic, quarantini, coronacation.

What are Piatt County people sick of?

We asked our J-R Facebook friends what pandemic-related terms and phrases they disliked the most. They came up with: socially distant, unprecedented, contactless, out of abundance of caution, it’s a hoax, new normal, I’m so over it, surge, it’s no worse than the flu, I don’t need a mask, in times like these, cluster, virtual, herd, and it’s a scam.

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