MONTICELLO – The Piatt County Nursing Home is once again closed to visitors after two employees tested positive for COVID-19.

Director Scott Porter said that, although they may be false positives, precautions are being taken until re-testing can be completed.

“This means the facility will be closed to visitation until further notice, as we complete the re-testing. This restriction does not include those families whose loved one is either on hospice or comfort care for end of life. Those families may visit without change under the compassionate care visiting rules,” Porter said.

He added that masks and other PPE are still being used at the nursing home, even though most of the staff and residents have received COVID-19 vaccinations.

Case update

DeWitt County reported 15 new cases and Piatt County seven cases over a five-day period, according to the latest update from the DeWitt-Piatt Bi-County Health Department.

DeWitt County has seen cases increase in April, with 30 over the past week, while Piatt County reported just 12 over that time period.

Vaccination clinics are being held in both counties. Signup links are available at and on the health department Facebook page.

National Guard clinics vaccinated 313 in Farmer City on Sunday and 286 in Clinton on Sunday.

“We want to continue to encourage everyone eligible to receive a vaccination, but especially those aged 65 and older,” said health department director David Remmert.

The latest cases by town:

DeWitt County, 15 new cases

• Clinton, 12

• Farmer City, 2

(one case did not have a town identified)

Piatt County, 7 new cases

• Mansfield, 4

• Cisco, 2

• Atwood, 1

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