Piatt County Nursing Home Director Scott Porter told the county board nursing home committee on Sept. 8 that a $450,000 loan from the Piatt County Nursing Home Foundation taken out in 2017 has been paid back.

The loan was taken shortly after Porter took over as administrator in order to pay a backlog of bills. He said it was important to reimburse the foundation quickly.

It definitely saved the facility, as the county was not in the position to help the nursing home initially,” said Porter.

I can’t thank the foundation enough. And the people who gave need to be reassured that money will not be used except in the means it was given,” he added.

The foundation is a charitable organization established in 1986 for the purpose of receiving and administering gifts to the nursing home and its programs. Dollars are used for equipment, capitol improvements, enhancements and extras for the benefit of facility residents. Its most recent project has been room and hallway renovations.