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Scott Porter

MONTICELLO — Even though 2020 was the year of COVID, the Piatt County Nursing Home and Maple Point Supportive Living fared well financially, according to a preliminary review of its annual audit.

Nursing Home Financial Director Stephanie Berkey said the facilities earned a combined $100,000 profit for the year that ended Nov. 30.

In spite of COVID, we had a good year financially, so that was a plus. We were able to manage and maintain our expenses and able to come out on top,” Berkey told the Piatt County Board nursing home committee June 3.

She said the profit was achieved without counting COVID relief funds that were received.

Nursing Home Director Scott Porter said 2021 may be different, as a major outbreak at the facility did not start until December of 2020 and ran into the current calendar year — all outside of the 2019-20 fiscal year.

The vast majority of COVID spending was really done at that time (in 2020-21),” Porter said.

And we will continue to experience a loss of revenue probably through August, because that first quarter, it takes time to get reimbursed, and our census was obviously lower.”



Internet service

Porter said he is working to get the nursing home a separate fiber-optic internet account through Campus Communications Group but has hit a stumbling block. He told the committee CCG is asking the facility to formally opt out of the current agreement that is part of a county-wide contract.

Porter said he was uncomfortable doing, feeling that such a decision should be the county board’s to make.

The issue may be that the facility gets free fiber-optic service currently, thanks to a contract negotiated in 2016 that sold the local fiber system to CCG.

Porter said the current bandwidth is holding up well, but that the nursing home load is increasing quickly as residents become more savvy about technology.

Our worry all along is as our residents use more devices, that obviously it could be a drain on that,” Porter said. “(IT Coordinator) Justin (Bachelor) doesn’t feel like that would occur for quite some time, but COVID has taught us it can spike in a hurry.”

Porter said he would check with the state’s attorney about the current contract with CCG and whether opting out would be advisable.

On a related issue, Bachelor reported the nursing home had met seven of eight criteria set forth by the county insurance carrier when it comes to cybersecurity. The eighth — making sure there is secondary security software on computers — should be completed by the end of June.



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