Owl rescue

Great Horned Owl babies were found on the ground in a yard south of Monticello, with two of the three being rescued by local volunteers.

MONTICELLO – Two Great Horned Owls who had fallen out of their nest in a tree south of Monticello are doing well. Unfortunately, a third owlet found on the ground in the Breezy Meadows subdivision on March 24 died.

Two of the baby owls were returned to their next about two days after being found. Tim Foran helped return them to the tree with his bucket truck, under the direction of Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation of Warrensburg.

One of the nestlings was found on the ground again two days later, so is being cared for at Prairie Wildlife until it can hunt on its own.

The three owls were found on the ground by neighborhood youth Olivia Silver on property owned by Jan Reeves on March 24, with one of the birds estimated to be three to four days old and the other a week old.

After being returned to the nest a few days later, a local wildlife rehabber stayed until after dark to see if the parents would return to the nest.

There was no sighting of the parents that night,” Piatt County Animal Shelter director Diana McPheeters said. “The following morning, March 27, the parents were spotted in the nest. Everyone was relieved.”

She said the owlet that stayed in the nest is doing well, and should be leaving it soon. At that point his parents will feed him on the ground and help him learn to fly.


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