Former Monticello City Council member Cochran Keating helped push for installation of a pedestrian-activated crosswalk at Washington and Market streets in Monticello, and was glad to see it became operational in October.

His desire for a more convenient way to connect the courthouse square to other areas goes back a decade to when he was the director of Monticello Main Street.

“When I had a festival, and I wanted to somehow include the other side of Market Street, I was stymied because of the traffic. I thought then that if there was just a crosswalk to open up both sides so that kids could bike or walk from the pool, or from the square to the pool, it made sense to connect them,” said Keating, seen here about to take the new traffic feature for a spin.

While motorists get accustomed to the crosswalk, City Administrator Terry Summers advises caution from both walkers and drivers.

“Pedestrians should proceed with caution and motorists need to be alert,” he said. “These are always concerns with a new traffic control device. It will take some time to get used to.”

The feature is part of a streetscape plan for that block of Washington Street that should be complete by the end of November.