In the wake of a demonstration that brought 500 people together to discuss racial equality on the Piatt County courthouse square, Monticello School Superintendent Vic Zimmerman said a wide-ranging community committee will be formed to discuss the issue as it pertains to the school district.

In light of the country’s racial tensions and the demonstration conducted at the square that went very well, I’m planning to form what will be called an Equity and Diversity work study group to specifically look at our school district,” Zimmerman told the school board on June 17.

I want to form this group and have them look at what we do in school to make sure that we are meeting the needs of all students regardless of race, or gender, or socio-economic status,” he said.

The group of up to 30 people will include school administrators, school staff, students, school board members and people from the community.

It will be kind of a self-examination of the district to see where we are doing things well, and where we could do things better in those areas,” added Zimmerman.

The committee will be advisory only, and is expected to meet up to six times and submit a report to the school board at its Dec. 16 meeting.