A “she-shed” for a home in a rural Piatt County subdivision was endorsed for a variance by the Piatt County zoning board of appeals on Oct. 24.

Alfred Beitelman used the State Farm-generated term to describe a 12 x 16-foot shed the homeowner wants to place on he and his wife’s property at 1193 Sandra Lane, about two miles north of White Heath.

It’s primarily for my wife’s statuary, and potted plants, garden soils, things like that to store over the winter,” said Beitelman. “There will probably also be room in there for my garden tractor and a snow blower.”

The variance is needed to place the shed within four feet of the property line, six feet less than zoning law requires. The request was opposed by neighbor Estefania Villamizar, who said the shed would be the new view from her bedroom window.

We just don’t see any reason why the 10 feet can’t be respected, especially where the structure would be located, which is right in front of the bedroom of our window. The six feet that are not being considered would help us a little,” said Villamizar.

Beitelman responded the location was chosen so that drainage patterns could be avoided, otherwise water would flow over a porch that is proposed for the shed.

Villamizar said she thought the lot looked flat, but Beitelman estimated there is a three-foot drop from his front yard which drains through an area to the Sangaman Creek, a spot he would like to avoid with the building.

Zoning board member Jerry Edwards asked if there were other locations for the shed that would be further from neighbors. Beitelman said there is a garden and steeper drop off to the back of his home, and that he did not feel neighbors would appreciate a shed being closer to the front yard.

The board voted 3-0 to recommend approval of the variance, which will be considered by the county board at its Nov. 13 meeting.