Would you like the remodeled Monticello High School auditorium to bear your name?

Well, $250,000 might get it done.

While figures and contract terms are being termed “very preliminary,” the Monticello school board gave the go-ahead on for Superintendent Vic Zimmerman to refine a draft outlining sponsorship and naming rights presented at the Sept. 18 board session.

If someone donated $5,000, they could choose maybe a science room,” said Zimmerman. “It could be the ‘Vic Zimmerman Science Room’ or the ‘Zimmerman Family Science Room.’ It would be just a little plaque outside the door that says that.”

The preliminary plan would be for 10-year sponsorships for classrooms, while naming rights would be permanent, but more expensive.

With the auditorium receiving a significant upgrade in the current $35 million construction project, it merits the most expensive spot. With the addition of a balcony, permanent seating and stage extension, construction manager Chris Uhlarik feels it may end up being the “centerpiece” of the two-year building rehab.

For those who can’t afford the large ticket naming opportunities, the document also outlines 10-year sponsorships of existing high school classroom for $3,000 each. New classrooms run $5,000, locker rooms $10,000.

Under naming rights, preliminary donation amounts are pegged at $25,000 for several, including the new art room, chorus room, agriculture room, woods lab and wrestling room, on up to $100,000 for the remodeled media center and the $250,000 auditorium rights.

I would think for some of the larger amounts, they would want to pay those in installments?” asked board member Dave Stanko.

Zimmerman said the document is open to change, including payment options.

The draft calls for donated dollars to be “used to offset the cost and improve the quality of the classroom or area sponsored,” but that is also not etched in stone. The possibility of the Monticello Area Education Foundation helping with the effort was also discussed.

Lengths for sponsorships is also still on the table.

And while the new gym lobby can be sponsored, the high gym itself is off limits though, at least for now.

That cannot be sold,” said Zimmerman.

Naming of school sites is not unprecedented in Monticello, as seen by Moore Gymnasium, Robert and Dorothy Miller Gymnasium and the Dwight B. Wilkey Sports Complex. But those were not purchased, they were decided on by the school board.

The board still has the opportunity to name other places if they like to, if they think the person is worthy of having a gym or area named after them. That’s not what this is,” said Zimmerman.