Council approves after sidewalks are added

MONTICELLO — After sidewalks and street lights were added to the plan, the Monticello city council on Monday gave the green light to The Heritage Subdivision on North State Street.

The council had voted down the preliminary plan for the five lot proposal last month after developers asked for a waiver on constructing sidewalks.

But Julia Atkins, the owner of the 8.86-acre parcel located just south of Forest Preserve Park, has since agreed to add a sidewalk to the one-street subdivision. Some street lights were also in the amended plan that was submitted to the council.

The plan now includes five-foot sidewalks in front of lots where homes can be built, “which means all buildable lot frontages will have sidewalks in front of them,” City Planning and Development Director Brett Baker said.

Lighting has also been added to the entry of the proposed subdivision.

“I just appreciate the changes that were made, and that they properly addressed the concerns we had at the last meeting,” Alderman Mike Koon said.

The plan still includes waivers to change the style of curb and gutter, allows four of the five lots to have a private sewer that is then connected to the city system, and keeps a sidewalk waiver where homes are not being build — which makes up most of the south side of the subdivision.

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