MONTICELLO — Piatt County has received just two applicants for its vacant Emergency Management Agency position, and will likely schedule interviews with both before possibly re-advertising for the opening.

I was told there was other interest and directed them to the application and job description online, but I never heard anything else,” said County Zoning Administrator Keri Nusbaum.

The job was advertised on the county website, and in the News-Gazette, with applications due by March 19. It was also listed on the Illinois Department of Employment Security website.

The county board EMA committee discussed the two applicants in a closed session at a meeting March 23, and will pursue interviews with both candidates, according to Interim EMA Director David Hunt.

The two-page job description does not include a salary, but it was budgeted as a part-time position with about $16,000 available from county funds.

Qualifications include being a resident of Piatt County or being willing to move to the county within six months of being hired.

Hunt — who is also the county sheriff — was appointed interim director in December while then-director Mike Holmes was on FMLA leave. Holmes left the county employ Jan. 25.




Hunt said he contacted long-term care facilities during the four-hour power outage on March 18 to make sure their generators were operating.

The Monticello, White Heath and DeLand areas were without power for about four hours until 8 p.m., “so we were concerned about people living in nursing homes,” Hunt said.

Kirby Ambulance Service Director Crystal Alexander appreciated the concern.

Thank you for help during the power outage. That’s just an example of how EMA works,” Alexander said. She added that the process helped find an issue at one facility that can be addressed before any future outages.

The committee also discussed how best to take advantage of American Rescue Plan dollars. Piatt County Mental Health Center Director Tony Kirkman said a total of $3.1 million has been set aside for the county, and that there is “a lot you can use that money on.”

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