This pile of trophies currently resides in the attic of Monticello's Old Washington elementary school, which will be demolished this summer. The school district is currently gathering all of its stored trophies for a summer giveaway.

The Monticello school district has trophies. Lots of them. To the point where many have languished in attics and other nooks and crannies for decades.

Some are a source of great pride for the entire school system, like one of the most recent – the Class 3A football title earned the day after Thanksgiving last year.

Others? Well, it is not known how widely relevant they are, but district officials know all of them may have importance to someone.

“Every trophy means something to somebody, I mean if you happened to be on the team. But we don't necessarily need to keep that second place girls seventh grade Okaw Valley track plaque from 1981,” said Monticello School Superintendent Vic Zimmerman at the April 17 school board meeting.

For that reason, trophies are being collected from far and wide and delivered to the high school. Well, at least out of those attics and storage rooms in the district's five buildings. Trophies that are just a little too obscure to inhabit a school trophy case will be given away to residents, probably sometime in June.

“We're going to have a trophy giveaway. So anyone from the community who wants some trophies, they can come in. We'll have some sort of limit, but they can come pick them up,” added the superintendent. “Trophies that aren't picked up will be tossed. We just don't have the space for them.”

The trophy gathering began at Old Washington school, which will be demolished this summer as part of building additions and renovations. A pile of awards was found in the attic.

“Some of them are pretty cool,” added Zimmerman. “There are some in Old Washington from the 40s and 50s.”

White Heath Principal Emily Weidner has already found memorabilia that may strike a chord with a current school board member.

“I did find Zach Hillard's scorebooks from when he played junior high basketball,” said Weidner, which elicited some chuckles from school board members.

“So what's the price on those!” inquired Zimmerman.

Additional details on the trophy giveaway will be announced later.