Dana Rhoades for circuit judge

To the editor:

I voted for Dana Rhoades for judge. I’ve been watching her for several years in her role as state’s attorney. Her integrity and her strength is amazing. She truly is for the people in Piatt County. She represents us like no other states attorney has with her passion and strengths for following the law. She has protected our interests first and I so appreciate that because in today’s political climate it’s very refreshing.

She doesn’t choose the easy way out she chooses the honest way while holding people accountable for their actions. I love Piatt county. She is one of the reasons why. Please consider following my lead and vote for Dana Rhoades to be our next judge. We need her.

Anne Drummond

White Heath

A vote for Suzanne Wells

Dear editor:

I have known Suzanne Wells for 30 years. We first met through the court system. Judge Shonkwiler appointed us on numerous cases together. We collaborated and, as a child therapist, I respected that her first priority was children. That was refreshing! I was impressed by her insight, depth, compassion, and problem-solving capabilities. Her skills as an attorney demonstrate her abilities to clearly identify and prioritize what is vital in case decisions.

Piatt County would be fortunate to have her as the Circuit Judge. Please vote for Suzanne J. Wells on November 3rd.

Pam Gremmels, LCSW


We endorse Dana Rhoades

Dear editor:

We encourage the voters of Piatt County to support Dana Rhoades for Piatt County Circuit Judge. She has the right experience to serve as our next Circuit Judge. Dana has legal experience with civil cases and criminal cases. Dana has legal experience as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor. Dana has jury trial experience. Her experience is the complete package. Dana has also represented our county with integrity and honesty.

She always promotes what is in the best interests of the citizens. She has long time Piatt County roots and knows the People of Piatt County.

Dana is the Republican Candidate. Please join us in supporting Dana Rhoades forPiatt County Circuit Judge.

Randy and Pam Shumard


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