Compliance may never end

Dear Editor:

You think if you will just comply, all this will be over, we will get back to normal, but it is precisely because you comply that it will never be over.

Kelly Vetter



We should take systemic poverty more seriously

Dear editor:

Multi-millionaires may use our bankruptcy system to walk away from financial decisions multiple times, costing someone a great deal of money, and be admired as great business people. When the working poor take advantage of the system they are lazy and worthless.

In 1960 I could have raised a family quite nicely earning $15 an hour. I couldn’t manage that today; my hats off to those who can.

We have way too many children in the USA without what is necessary to become healthy taxpapers. There are many aged, those less able, and veterans in need in our nation.

A big chunk of our economy is built on electing our government or waging wars. Maybe it’s time we figured out how to build an economy taking better care of each other. Will we continue to turn millionaires into billionaires into trillionaires? Can this Republic survive if we keep ignoring the true cost, to all of us, of systemic poverty?

Is it time to bite the bullet and pay for the mess we allowed to happen?

Barbara Hinton


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