Kudos to cross country coaches

Dear editor:

This is long overdue. I am writing to express gratitude for the Monticello cross country coaches. Our daughters began running in middle school with Coach Hartman and Coach Hoss.

In middle school, the foundation is built. Our girls were taught to enjoy the sport, but that they also have to put in the work if they wanted to get better. They continued running in high school with Coach Remmert, Coach Burnsmier, and Coach Hill.

Anyone who runs will tell you that cross country is a mental sport. Very few people wake up and want to go run long distances. Some really great runners are not great at other sports. However, they have the mental toughness to put in the work and to push forward when others would stop.

The Monticello coaches prepare our runners by emphasizing the importance of diet, sleep, mental health, being good teammates, and being good people. Coach Remmert sends each runner a customized letter before every high school meet to discuss topics such as the competition, the course, areas to improve on, and always, always, words of encouragement. Camps are held where team building is emphasized.

Individuals do not win meets. Teams win meets. Every runner is important. When injuries happen, and they happen, teammates have to help out. We have watched our daughters progress through the cross country program over the course of the last six years. It has been transformative to say the least. We are deeply appreciative of everything that the coaches have done for the cross country teams over the past several years.

The start of the cross country season is rapidly approaching. If you haven’t been to a meet, I encourage you to attend one. It is really exciting and our Monticello teams usually do very well.

We appreciate the coaches!

Matt Miller



Grateful for aquatic center

Dear Editor,

This summer my husband and I made good use of the Monticello Family Aquatic Center. Most days we would arrive around 5:00 to swim laps for exercise, then relax in the water for awhile and dry off at poolside. It is a lovely environment for watching parents and children play, swim, and dive together, and for making new friends.

We want to express appreciation the entire staff for fostering such a pleasant environment and for keeping us safe in the water. The young lifeguards are unfailingly attentive to the swimmers, friendly, polite, and helpful to everyone.

Most of all, our appreciation goes to Mindy Condis, Pool Manager, and Claire Schraufnagl, Assistant Pool Manager, for ensuring that Monticello’s aquatic center is a sparkling, clean, safe, fun place to swim.

See you next summer!

Jan E. Gantz and Stephen Lyons


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