Kids need to know history

To the editor:

I was disturbed to find out from my fourteen year old daughter this evening during the Super Bowl that she thought it was a normal show of respect to kneel for the National Anthem. Has our public school system become so corrupted that our children don’t understand even the most basic concepts of the history of this country and what flags and national anthems of all countries represent and the appropriate respect to be shown for such traditions is about?!

Our country is in trouble and historically, this kind of lack of education results in severe degradation of society as a whole and makes the world an even more dangerous and unstable environment than it already is.

I would say that everyone knows the old cliche’ that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.... but again, it’s recently become painfully clear to me that such basic common knowledge isn’t so common anymore.

This is exactly why I chose to homeschool my eight year old who is already progressing into third grade studies.

I’m wondering if everyone else in the county realizes how poorly our public and secondary schools are teaching our children. I’m writing because it seems more attention needs to be brought to these concerns.

Christian Fogal



More Monticello sports legends

To the editor:

Coaching legend Tom Young: 414 wins: I will never forget the first time I met Tom Young. Boy did he have rules. He had things that you had to do and you did them or else you didn’t play like everyone had to have a crew cut – practiced shooting free throws before school every day and allowed to go out one night per week – maybe. When he set up a rule you followed it or else.

Best example I can think of was we were told we could not go out on a Friday night after a game. Well sports fans, Bill Roberts and I disobeyed the rules and the next game? we set on the bench the entire game and got beat by Villa Grove. The cheerleaders were even cheering Roberts Roberts he’s our man, Pike Pike – you get the picture.

So many of his principles helped his players in later years. The discipline it takes to build a company, the work ethic to rise above the average,rules you have to follow, etc.

Coach you were special. Your dedication to excellence put you in a league all by yourself. I thank God you were my coach, especially with the rules.

Bill Pike

Dallas, Texas


Reflections on the impeachment trial

To the editor:

I just finished watching the second day of the Trump Impeachment trial on PBS. By the time this letter appears the outcome will be known.

One of the commentators said that she was concerned about the effect this trial would have on stifling free speech—keeping politicians from voicing contrary, repugnant or unpopular opinions.

Consider first there is a BIG difference between voicing an opinion, saying for example the election was stolen, in this particular case AND calling on your supporters to do something illegal—in this case, march on the Capital to “stop the steal” by “stopping the count”--to interfere with a legal, legitimate Constitutionally called for action by duly elected Senators and Representatives. That isn’t expressing an opinion that is a call to commit an illegal action.

The Presidents lawyers according to the legal briefs they have filed intend to argue the Presidents word/s were too general to be considered a direct command—that he called on his supporters to “fight”. Trump actually said more than that. He said “fight like Hell” AND he said “stop the steal” and “stop the count”!

We often hear lawyers on TV say they will fight for their clients and we know they mean they will fight within the legal system. Though fight could be understood by some to physically fight outside the legal system!

“Fight like Hell” however carries a stronger message, though it is still up for some misinterpretation.

“Stop the steal” and “stop the count” however are direct commands. It was left up to the mob to decide how they would stop the steal by stopping the count. There was no doubt that they were to do whatever they could to fulfill that command!

Words matter. Do they simply express an opinion or call for an illegal action?

Susan Humphreys




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