An endorsement for Dana Rhoades

To the voters of Piatt County,

This is a letter of endorsement for Dana Rhoades as our next Circuit Judge in Piatt County. I have known Dana in my role as Coroner since 2012 and there is no other candidate that has the unwavering professionalism and dedication that Dana has shown to seek Justice in Piatt County. Having worked with Dana on several cases most recently the Sheryl Houser case there is no one better suited than Dana to become Circuit Court Judge.

Troy Dunn, Piatt County Coroner



I endorse Suzanne Wells

To the editor:

My endorsement for my mother, Suzanne Wells, as circuit judge:

At an early age, I learned incredibly important values from my mother. Most importantly she imparted on to my sisters and I, to be honest, caring, hardworking, and resilient. Throughout my life, I have continually experienced so many instances where she exemplified these qualities herself.

We moved to Monticello in 1998 to be closer to our extended family who lives throughout the county. Immediately she made not only Monticello but all of Piatt County our home and instantly ensured that we were involved in the community. Keeping us active in sports, leading our church youth groups, and even establishing Willow Tree Missions. Everything she did was for the betterment of others.

Then in 2014 we tragically lost our father to pancreatic cancer. The strength that she showed our family during this time was nothing short of extraordinary. She carried our family emotionally while simultaneously running multiple businesses and putting 3 kids through college. Again everything she did was for the betterment of those around her.

This is the kind of character that Piatt County will receive with Suzanne Wells as Circuit Judge. A person who will diligently seek out the betterment of our community, who will work tirelessly to give fair judgment for the citizens of Piatt County, and who will truly and actively care about creating a community to be proud of. So for these reasons, I strongly urge you to vote for Suzanne Wells as Piatt County Circuit Judge on November 3rd.

Matthew Wells



A vote for Wells

To the editor:

As someone who has lived and worked Piatt, Macon and Champaign counties for 30+ years, I am endorsing Suzanne Wells for Circuit Judge. I first became acquainted with Suzanne when I worked for the domestic violence program, A Woman’s Fund in Urbana. She would often consult on domestic violence cases, offering pro bono services when appropriate. We often lamented the need for a domestic violence program in Piatt County, so those needing services could remain in their community rather than seeking services in Urbana or Decatur. Suzanne did not just talk about it, she acted, helping to establish Willow Tree Missions. Her dedication to helping those in need has never wavered.

I know that Suzanne is highly regarded within the Piatt County legal system due to her legal acuity. She is fair-minded, compassionate, dedicated and of the highest integrity. She will make a great judge. Vote Suzanne Wells for Circuit Judge!

Tami Tunnell



In support of Dana Rhoades

Letter to the editor:

I write this letter in support of Dana Rhoades for Circuit Judge for Piatt County. I was a conflict public defender for several years for Piatt County, and during that time I worked with Dana on all kinds of cases, from major felonies to juvenile proceedings. I also worked several private cases with Ms. Rhoades over the past decade. Dana exemplifies all of the qualities we should demand in a judge. Despite battling with her over the toughest of cases, Dana always acted in a courteous, professional manner. Over hundreds of cases, Mrs. Rhoades never became angry, irritated or frustrated, always listening to all sides of a case. I cannot stress the importance of this, because temperament and demeanor are two of the most important attributes in a judge. Dana put in voluminous hours, as did her staff. I remember countless hours discussing and negotiating cases early in the morning, and after the courthouse officially closed. Dana has also started many programs in Piatt County benefitting various victims of crimes. She is intelligent, balanced, calm and has a great work ethic. Although other names I have heard that are running or may run are certainly competent for the position, the question for voters is who is best suited, and Dana Rhoades is unequivocally the best suited candidate for Piatt County Circuit Judge.

Kevin Hammer



I endorse Dana Rhoades for judge

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Dana Rhoades for Piatt County Circuit Judge.

I have been on the Piatt County Zoning Board for several years. As the State’s Attorney, Dana has assisted the Zoning Board during many difficult zoning issues. Dana is committed to serving the best interests of the Piatt County citizens. Vote for Dana Rhoades on November 3.

Dan Larson, Bement

Piatt County Zoning Board


Elected officials need to be accountable

To the editor:

It is amazing the lengths we humans will go to evade the truth. Whether it be a young child who easily lies to cover up something he/she did wrong to the adult who does the same, we are prone to cover up the truth. We do this, because from the greatest depths of our being, we hide from the truth, because truth is uncomfortable, and we despise being uncomfortable. However, light exposes lies.

We live in a society where many believe they are not responsible for their choices. We blame others for our own mistakes and fail to take responsibility for them. The result is that we manufacture narcissism within ourselves and others, and we fail to grow. Growth is essential for all life; without it, we shrivel up, hide, and fail to thrive.

Within this guise, we can easily fall in stride with those who cover up the truth. Look at our everyday political system: it is a system built upon hoisting up the special ones of society. They are stroked and surrounded by those like themselves who are smart, attractive, and have the prowess to be in the limelight. They are in positions of political leadership and make the decisions that govern our land.

What happens when their egos get in the way, and they forget about their oaths to uphold the law and enforce justice? What happens when their political agenda matters more than the jobs they are sworn to do? In their quest to advance up the political ladder, they are blinded by their own arrogance and fail to recognize the mistakes they make.

Elected officials need to be held accountable when they fail to exercise due diligence. We are proactive when we choose not to vote them into public office again.

Andrea Lively



Dana Rhoades is a honest, dedicated

To the editor:

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am Sheryl Houser’s sister and I do not live in Piatt County. I will be forever grateful to Dana and her team for bringing charges and obtaining a conviction of my sister’s murderer nearly 27 years later.

That is not why I am writing this letter asking you to vote for Dana Rhoades for Piatt County Circuit Judge. I support Dana because I got to know her over the last five years. She is hard-working and committed to her responsibilities that come with her role as State’s Attorney. She is honest and dedicated in representing the people of Piatt County. She is a true public servant. Dana will not let you down if you vote for her and she won’t put herself first at any time.

Dana has always followed the law as your State’s Attorney and she will continue to follow the law as your next Circuit Court Judge. She has a proven track record of not playing party politics when performing her job duties. Do your research. Ask about the true qualifications of her opponent, who actually supported Dana when she discussed her intention to run.

Renee Fehr



Support for Dana Rhoades

Letter to the editor:

I support Dana Rhoades for Piatt County Circuit Judge.

Dana Rhoades graduated from Monticello High School in 1988. She received her undergraduate degree at Illinois State University, and then her law degree at Loyola University of Chicago School of Law.

Dana worked as a lawyer and public defender for her first 12 years out of school. Dana has been the Piatt County State’s Attorney for the last 12 years. She is the only candidate with jury trial and prosecution experience.

Dana provided legal support for the sheriff’s office, county board, zoning board of appeals, nursing home, mental health center, health department, highway department, treasurer, county clerk and county circuit clerk.

Dana was involved in programs with the grade school and high school government programs. Domestic violence trainings, just a few of her many accomplishments.

I urge you to vote for Dana Rhoades for Piatt County Circuit Judge.

Jean Stoddard



Voting for Dana Rhoades

To the editor:

I’m voting for Dana Rhoades for Circuit Judge. Here’s why:

It all boils down to experience and, ultimately, character.

Dana Rhodes has been prosecuting all kinds of cases for a number of years now, while Suzanne Wells, judging from all the letters to the editor extolling her extra-legal virtues, has been honing her empathetic skills.

Dana Rhodes is experienced from the prosecutorial side, and would translate that experience to the “bench” side.

We need Dana Rhodes, who knows the “ropes”, not a candidate so desperate that they create their own political party to circumvent the spirit of the election laws.

I’m voting for Dana Rhodes’ experience.

Gustav Schupmann