Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone for another year. And yes. I am one of those people who looks forward to the big game each year. Not so much for who is playing the game, but you got it right. For the commercials. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am a sports fan and love watching the games. Probably because my children were in every sport from basketball, to volleyball, to track and soccer. All of which helped me to grow an appreciate for the sports.

But I must admit, football has always been my favorite. Especially when you have someone to watch the game with who is cheering for the opposing team.

Of course, this year was different. I decided to watch the game alone for safety reasons. No need to chance getting sick again, so it was just me and my kitty and a bowl of popcorn.

I must be getting old or something because that half time show just did not do it for me this year. Truthfully, I am not sure I have enjoyed the half time show for several years now. The producers have lost their taste or just do not want to spend the necessary funds for good entertainment. No matter. It was not for me. So, I muted my television and took a bath.

At least my team won and several of the commercials were fun and for the most part many of them even carried positive, uplifting messages of hope and good cheer. I must give them credit for that.

Of course, Budweiser could never go wrong with anything they produce. Even though I am not a beer drinker, I do look forward to their commercials. Especially when they bring in the Clydesdales.

I loved this year’s Bud commercial utilizing lemons for their Bud Light Seltzer. With 2020 being a “lemon of a year” as they put it, making it crazy funny with lemons dropping everywhere out of the sky. They created an amazing advertisement even without the horses, making lemonade seltzer out of lemons.

I really appreciated all the attention the show gave to our health care workers. They certainly deserve it considering all they have faced in this past year and are still facing with the coronavirus still out there. Especially with the new variants to contend with.

I would have to say that my favorite commercial was the one where Bruce Springsteen is driving a Jeep CJ-5 on a journey to the U.S. Center Chapel in Kansas which sits in the geographical center of the United States. A commercial meant to remind us that “we are stronger than the obstacles in our way.”

As Springsteen drives his Jeep down a snowy country road he narrates, “There’s a chapel in Kansas standing on the exact center of the lower 48. It never closes. All are more than welcome to come meet here in the middle. It’s no secret. The middle has been a hard place to get to, between red and blue, between servant and citizen. Between our freedom and our fear. Now fear has never been the best of who we are. And as for freedom it is not just the property of just a fortunate few. It belongs to us all. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from. It’s what connects us. And we need that connection. We need the middle. We just have to remember the very soil we stand on is common ground. So, we can get there. We can make it to the mountain top thru the desert and we will cross this divide. Our light has always found its way through the darkness. And there is hope on the road up ahead.”

Visible on the screen at the end of that commercial it read “To the ReUnited States of America”.

It felt like a genuine prayer. And if I did not take anything else away from that game, I will long remember those words spoken by Springsteen.

Thank you Jeep, you did it right.


Until next time, God Bless,


Mary Kruger Latta is a mother of nine children and a grandmother of 12. She can be reached at



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