Grayson Montoya

MONTICELLO – The Monticello Marlins placed fifth overall in the eight-team conference meet Saturday at Charleston. As a team, the Marlins scored 949 points. The boys team scored 484 to place fifth and the girls team finished with 465 to place sixth. Indian Acres won the boys, girls and overall team competition.

Twenty swimmers from the Monticello Marlins finished among the top eight in the conference finals in Charleston, and will be invited to an All Star Meet, a state-wide event featuring swimmers in several conferences within Illinois.

They include:

Girls 8-and-under 100-meter medley relay, third place: Alisyn Schultz, Annie Gentry, Helena Cresap and Elana Ziegenbein;

Boys 8-and-under 100-meter medley relay, second place: Griffin Muse, Graham Montoya, Grayson Montoya and Rocky Weisiger;

Girls 10-and-under 200-meter relay, fourth place: Riley Montoya, Lily Kownacki, Abby Harper and Sophia McConkey;

Girls 8-and-under 100-meter, seventh place: Hazel Kownacki;

Girls 10-and-under 100-meter IM, seventh place: Riley Montoya;

Girls 6-and-under 25-meter freestyle, fifth place: Annie Gentry;

Boys 6-and-under 25-meter freestyle, second place: Graham Montoya;

Girls 8-and-under 25-meter freestyle, third place: Alisyn Schultz;

Boys 8-and-under 25-meter freestyle, first place: Grayson Montoya; seventh place: Rocky Weisiger;

Girls 10-and-under 50-meter freestyle, fourth place: Abby Harper;

Boys 10-and-under 50-meter freestyle, seventh place: Max Anderson;

Boys 8-and-under 25-meter breaststroke, second place: Grayson Montoya;

Girls 10-and-under 50-meter breaststroke, fifth place: Abby Harper;

Girls 8-and-under 25-meter butterfly, third place: Helena Cresap;

Girls 10-and-under 50-meter butterfly, fourth place: Abby Harper;

Girls 6-and-under 25-meter backstroke, sixth place: Annie Gentry, seventh place: Harper Chandler;

Boys 6-and-under 25-meter backstroke, third place: Graham Montoya, fourth place: Tucker Anderson;

Girls 8-and-under 25-meter backstroke, fourth place: Alisyn Schultz;

Boys 8-and-under 25-meter backstroke, second place: Rocky Weisiger, sixth place: Griffin Muse;

Girls 10-and-under 50-meter backstroke, eighth place: Riley Montoya;

Boys 10-and-under 50-meter backstroke, sixth place: Max Anderson, seventh place: Camden Gentry;

Girls 8-and-under 100-meter freestyle relay, fourth place: Alisyn Schultz, Hazel Kownacki, Elaina Ziegenbein, Helena Cresap;

Boys 8-and-under 100-meter freestyle relay, third place: Rockey Weisiger, Griffin Muse, Graham Montoya and Grayson Montoya;

Girls 10-and-under 200-meter freestyle relay, fourth place: Riley Montoya, Lily Kownacki, Sophia McConkey, Abby Harper;

Boys 13-14 200-meter medley relay, third place: Adam Clodfelter, Owen Patton, Sam Gentry and Charlie Patton;

Girls 15-18 200-meter medley relay, fifth place: Gabby Geotrd, Callie Poynton, Aliyah Ellison, Bella George;

Boys 11-12 100-meter IM, second place: Sam Gentry;

Girls 15-18 200-meter IM, fourth place: Aliyah Ellison;

Boys 11-12 50-meter freestyle, second place: Sam Gentry;

Girls 13-14 50-meter freestyle, seventh place: Callie Poynton;

Girls 13-14 50-meter breaststroke, eighth place: Callie Poynton;

Boys 13-14 50-meter breaststroke, eighth place: Owen Patton;

Girls 15-18 100-meter breaststroke, second place: Aliyah Ellison;

Boys 11-12 50-meter butterfly, first place: Sam Gentry;

Girls 15-18 100-meter backstroke, second place: Aliyah Ellison;

Girls 13-14 200-meter freestyle relay, seventh place: Gabby George, Skyler Thomas, Bella George, Callie Poynton;

Boys 13-14 200-meter freestyle relay, fifth place: Owen Patton, Adam Clodfelter, Charlie Patton and Sam Gentry.

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